Latest Trends in Kitchens & Appliances for 2021

By Gina Greco, Senior Brand Marketing Specialist, SEMCA

With every New Year comes new renovation and design trends. In 2021, we challenge you to make a statement in your kitchen. Bring unique colors and accent pieces into your kitchen and be bold with the latest eye-catching and memorable trends.

The Rise of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Bring your kitchen into the future by incorporating the latest smart appliances into your design. Smart home appliances have become incredibly innovative and are continuously developing at a fast pace.

Sharp Microwave Drawer in a modern kitchen

A must-have for any active cook in the kitchen is the new Sharp Stainless Steel IoT Easy Wave Open Microwave Drawer Oven, which opens smoothly with a simple wave of your hand near the motion sensor, boasts an all-new, elegant and stylish design for a premium kitchen. The SuperSteam+ Built-In Wall Oven is another appliance making waves in the cooking world this year. you can enjoy the extended features of the SuperSteam+ Built-In Wall Oven, including remote start and notifications. Download the Sharp SuperSteam+ Oven app to enable the smart features and access thousands of recipes powered by SideChef. With the creation of superheated steam ovens, cooking has never been faster and more comfortable than it is today.

However, cooking appliances are not the only things “getting smart” this season. New Bluetooth devices have been released that connect/control your kitchen lights, appliances, and smartphone, all while playing your favorite music. Talk about innovation. All in all, these products are sure to shake up the way you think of a smart kitchen.

Store More with Less

Make way for pull-out storage this upcoming year. Now more than ever, homeowners will have an efficient way to organize and access treats that mysteriously find their way into your kitchen cabinet.

Traditionally, cabinet structures left homeowners with a great deal of unnecessary wasted space. More innovative storage also means more places to hide that well-loved cookware that you would rather go off display.

There is a misconception that to organize your kitchen, you need to remodel it completely. While a kitchen renovation is always an option, there are many cost-effective solutions to organize your kitchen, some of the most common being drawer dividers, labeled glass jars, and a spice rack.

The best way to decluttering and organizing your kitchen is to decide what your most chaotic areas are and work from there. Many DIY solutions do not require installations; in fact, they usually require everyday items you may already have.

Bolder and Better

Latest Kitchen Trends for 2020: Bolder Colors

This season, concerning cabinet color, the brighter, the better. If committing to a warm orange or blue is too drastic of a change for your liking (I know it is for mine), then two-tone cabinets are a happy alternative for you.

Two-tone cabinets have been an option that many homeowners are leaning towards as it provides a pop-of-color with a distinctive and contemporary look. You can incorporate this design trend into your kitchen by choosing a dark contrasting cabinet color for only one wall section, exhibiting the appearance of a built-in hutch.

Since storage has grown in importance this year, a two-toned cabinet structure could give your kitchen a less cluttered, lighter appearance without reducing the number of cabinets you currently have. This can be done by choosing a light, pastel color for the upper cabinets and choosing a dark or colorful color for the lower cabinets.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Latest Kitchen Trends for 2020: Pet-Friendly Air Purifiers

Ensuring the cleanliness of your kitchen is increasingly essential as allergies become more and more persistent. We know how much of a pest pet dander and odor can be to keep up with. But how do we keep our furry friends close to us without the urge to consistently clean and sanitize the kitchen?

This season, create a pet-friendly space in your kitchen by investing in an air purifier with True HEPA and charcoal filters.  Our air purifiers have patented Plasmacluster® technology known to create ions that are both positive and negative and disperses them into the air. By doing so, the air purifier effectively removes 99.97% of particles and eliminates odors from the air that passes through the filter.

What trends will you incorporate into your kitchen in the New Year?