Jena Branco

Hello and welcome to Simply Better Living Canada!

I’m Jena, a working professional, wife, and mom to an active & athletic teenager. Combining my love for my family and food, I hope to share quick and healthy meal ideas that you can prepare when you’re constantly on the go; through my past experience as an Event Planner, I hope to give simple suggestions to make entertaining easy; and as a fitness enthusiast, I hope to provide fitness & lifestyle tips to assist you balance your work and home life.

In my role as a member of the Marketing team, I have been given the opportunity to try out some of Sharp’s innovative cooking appliances, such as the Superheated Steam Ovens and Microwave Drawer, which I have used in some (most) of my cooking and recipe trials.

Prior to COVID, you would find me working out with my colleagues during our lunch-time gym sessions, cooking and doing product demonstrations at trade events, baking cookies for staff at the office, and teaching our young visitors, on “Bring Your Kids to Work” days, to make healthy snacks and quick meals.

Thank you for visiting Simply Better Living Canada. The recipes and tips you will find here are shared with your busy family (and mine!) in mind. We look forward to sharing more, with you!

Stay healthy, be well, and keep safe!